Often the best way to illustrate how something works is through a little play acting.
Greg Ellis speaks with business litigator Todd M. Lander about everything from the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case to the growing cracks in the family…

January 2023

Tireless work culminated in the passage of a groundbreaking law that fundamentally changed the game in child custody. Now it stands as a blueprint for…
Is there anything worse than exploiting video of children in pain on social media before confirming the whole story?
A case that highlights the excruciating helplessness parents feel when they lose their right to have a say in the health decisions made for their…
Climb aboard our growing community. We have big plans and want you along for the ride

December 2022

How the support of The Respondent community is helping to bring one father back from the brink
Those who can't be with their loved ones often struggle with the emotional weight of it during the holidays. We are here for you.
Take your opportunity to tell the United Nations your story of parental alienation to counter the dodgy research currently underway.

November 2022

Nobody hopes to find The Respondent book under the tree Christmas morning. But for someone going through divorce, it’s the greatest gift you could ever…
When alienators try to make a parent the "bad guy," they must work even harder to be the superhero their children need
Bad faith arguments throughout a recent book critiquing parental alienation highlight the need to fight back with arguments of steel.